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Together with a best-of-breed supplement laboratory, NewHealth Solutions has identified the exact right MED (Minimal Effective Dose) needed to help achieve the incredible results Tim Ferris outlines in his exciting new book The 4-Hour Body. This revolutionary pAGG supplement stack not only meets all of the author's painstakingly researched specifications in a single tablet, it enhances the formula with a vitamin B complex (100 mcg of Biotin). And it does all of this without using harmful ingredients like those included in the previously popular ECA stack (Ephedrine Hydrochloride, Caffeine, and Aspirin).

You will lose fat (not just weight) with this formula. Each of the 5 ingredients in this stack are backed by scientific research supporting their fat-loss potential. Read on to learn more...

Why is this the best pAGG Stack out there?

It's the Most Effective

  • Each of the raw ingredients in our pAGG stack were meticulously chosen based on their fat-loss potential
  • In formulating our pAGG Supplement System we focused our efforts on maximizing the potency of the fat-loss components of each ingredient through the design, manufacturing, and bottling process. This is why we chose tablets, a proprietary enteric coating method, and opaque HDPE bottling and other advantages our product enjoys over the competition
  • Our customers experience real results and keep coming back - making us the #1 pAGG Website on the internet (src: and #1 pAGG provider on Amazon.

It's the Least Expensive:

SupplierPrice - 30 dayComment$60In-house manufacturing and warehouse direct shipping$92- 82% more expensive per dose.
- Similar model and formula.
- "One Month" supply is really only 26 days.
- Colored Gelatin Capsules instead of Natural Tablets$92Distribution partner of Pareto Nutrition$99Most expensive dose of a combined pAGG stack$116Not a combined dose. All ingredients are a separate pill.

We Use the Highest Quality Raw Ingredients

  • Our pAGG Stack manufacturing facility is GMP Certified and Made in the USA
  • We protect our supplements against light and moisture by using opaque HDPE packaging. Opaque HDPE packaging is the most protective form of packaging against light, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide. This ensures our ingredients are protected from oxidation which can destroy the potency of the pAGG ingredients.
  • We have improved our pAGG Stack to reduce any potential side effects.
  • Read more about the quality standards for pAGG supplement stack manufacturing and why it should be important to you.

Our pAGG stack is in the form of Tablets, not Capsules

  • Blood glucose does not reach its peak until 60-120 minutes after consuming most foods. Our tablet's dissolution curve was engineered to start acting immediately and peak during your body's metabolism of the target meal. Capsules may not exhibit this desired engineered behavior
  • Only 1 tablet per dose instead of 2 capsules
  • Tablets allow for flexibility of doses - if you want to cut a pill in half to take before a "cheat" snack, you have the flexibility to do so
  • pAGG tablets by NewHealth Solutions are smaller pills than the competition – easier to swallow and will fit in your pill boxes

What Does the pAGG Stack do?

The pAGG Stack will help you lose body-fat through a variety of mechanisms described below when used as directed.

The table below details how each of the ingredients in the pAGG Stack come together to result in a powerful, fat-melting supplement. You can read more about each ingredient on our pAGG Research page.

IngredientAmountWhy It Works
pAGG All Day™
Alpha-Lipoic Acid
100% R-ALA

As listed on our label
150mgStore calories in muscles and liver instead of fat cells
Recent studies suggest ALA helps blood sugar get stored as muscle glycogen rather than fat by increasing GLUT-4 recruitment to the surface of skeletal muscle cells.
Important: R-ALA is seen scientifically as a much higher quality and higher potency ingredient than standard ALA which is a 50/50 mixture of organic and synthesized ALA substrate.
Aged Garlic Extract
with high Allicin Potential
200mgIncrease your heart health
Cholesterol management with high bio-availability
Decaffeinated Green Tea Flavanols (EGCG)650mg
Yielding 325mg EGCG
Kill off old fat cells
Inhibits fat storage and programs old fat cell death and inhibits the formation of new fat cells (to keep from bouncing back in weight after diet)
Biotin100mcgHelps you maintain energy levels.
Plays a vital role in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Has been included to counteract the suspected Biotin-blocking effects of the ALA ingredient
pAGG Night Time™
Policosanol25mgReduce your body-fat while you sleep
Lowers LDL (bad) and raises HDL (good) cholesterol while lowering body fat
R-ALA150mgSee Above
Aged Garlic Extract200mgSee Above
Biotin100mcgSee Above
Click here to see the nutrition label

How Often Do I Take pAGG?

pAGG Should be taken as directed below:

  • 1 pAGG All Day™ Tablet- 15 min before any meal (3 times per day)
  • 1 pAGG Night Time™ Tablet- before going to sleep (1 time per day)

Is pAGG Right for Me?

This pAGG Supplement formula is endorsed by the #1 selling Health and Fitness book The 4-Hour Body (New York Times Best Seller List), and combines ingredients promoted by fitness magazines, universities, and scientific studies for their fat-burning potential.

If your goal is to lose fat and inches (not just weight) and you are looking to take your fitness to the next level - pAGG is for you.

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pAGG Testimonials
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