Quality of Ingredients:

Our tablet manufacturing facility is GMP-certified.

A GMP certified manufacturer is one that has exceeded a specific set of standards laid out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). GMP certification ensures that supplements and vitamins are manufactured safely, with quality and efficacy. When you work with a GMP certified supplement provider like ours, with products produced in a state-of-the-art, GMP certified facility, you can rest assured that your products are safely manufactured.

To be GMP certified means that manufacturers have proven to government inspectors that they have the facilities not only to manufacturer nutraceuticals safely, but also to package, label and store them safely. Without this, nutraceutical companies cannot claim to be a GMP certified. To become a GMP certified manufacturer is an extensive process that our partner laboratory has passed. Therefore, you can feel safe ordering your pAGG supplement stack from us.

We have done everything necessary to ensure that our facilities exceed FDA requirements for a GMP certified manufacturer. Additionally our raw materials and finished products undergo quality control procedures to ensure product quality, including testing with HPLC, IR, GC, ICP, and UV analysis.

Quality of Manufacturing

Our manufacturers’ facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art tablet production technology, including v-blenders and ribbon blenders.  Some of the measures we take to ensure quality are the following:

  • V-blender: Preparation of raw materials to ensure uniformity of particle size and symmetrical proportion
  • Ribbon blender: – Ensures that the mixture of raw materials is homogeneous
  • Film coating – Protects tablet from UV light that may degrade our high quality of ingredients
  • Expiration date – Placed on bottle to ensure you are consuming highly bio-available ingredients
  • Stability studies – We perform 3 and 6 month stability studies to determine shelf life of all raw ingredients and the combination of those in the pAGG supplement
  • Disintegration testing (in intestinal mediums) – Ensures that the supplement mixture will breakdown in your stomach for proper absorption in the GI tract

Precision of Manufacturing:

The precision of our manufacturing is just as important as the quality.  High precision means that every dose of the pAGG Supplement System from NewHealth Solutions LLC will be equivalent. The following are a few highlights of our process to ensure precision of manufacturing:

  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography – used to perform a quantitative analysis of supplement (spectra analysis)
  • Inductive Coupled Plasma Spectrophotometer – measures quantity of minerals in each dose to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Infrared spectrophotometer – tests all materials in lab for proper chemical structure to be able to identify the “functional group”


We believe we are the highest quality pAGG Supplement Stack on the market. We also believe that quality is the most critical component of nutritional supplements that you put into your body.

“High quality ingredients and preparation create high quality results.” – NewHealth Solutions LLC