Our Improved pAGG Stack Formula

We listened to your requests and updated our formula to match your needs and our research findings. In our new formula you will find the following improvements:

Improvement Our Reasoning
More EGCG Previously, our All Day™ tablets included 325mg of deaffeinated Green Tea extract with a 50% potency of EGCG.  We have increased the amount of decaffeinated Green Tea to 542mg at 60% potency of EGCG yielding 325mg pure EGCG to increase your fat loss potential.
Removed Green Tea from Night Time™ tablet We removed the decaffeinated Green Tea extract from the Night Time™ dose to help you sleep better.
4 Tablets Per Day Instead of 5 To make the supplementation plan easier, we combined the ingredients in the before beddose into one tablet (Night Time™) and differentiated that tablet from the All Day™ tablet by making it an easy-to-swallow round shape.
Updated Label for R-ALA Ingredient We have always only used the highest quality R-ALA at 100% concentration in our supplement.  We do not use any mixture amount of S-ALA (the synthesized form of ALA).  This is an important distinguishing factor in determining nutritional supplement quality, and we have made this more clear on our label, which follows FDA labeling guidelines.
Why include Biotin in pAGG? Adequate consumption of B-Complex vitamins (Biotin) is an important variable in any energy equation (fat-loss) and has been shown to beneficially reduce blood glucose levels. Also, a few studies have suggested that ALA can potentially interfere with the body’s Biotin synthesis. We have included Biotin in each pAGG formula to help counteract this potential interaction.