pAGG Side Effects


You are unlikely to experience side effects while supplementing with the pAGG stack by NewHealth Solutions.


The ingredients the make up the pAGG stack have been widely used in many supplement compounds with long histories with few reported side effects for each of included ingredients.  Please review our pAGG Research page for a side-effect profile of each individual ingredient included in the pAGG stack.

Additionally we have improved our formula to minimize the possibility of any side effects:

  • We reduced the amount of acidic ingredients (ALA) in the dosage by improving the quality (by using 100% R-ALA) and reducing the amount (from 300mg to 150mg). This adjustment also has a positive impact on the effectiveness of the pAGG stack.
  • We removed the decaffeinated Green Tea extract from the Night Time tablet taken before bed to eliminate sleep complications.
  • We have always included aged garlic in place of standard garlic to remove the intensity of smell and impact on your stomach acid.

Reported Negative Side Effects

  • Mild headache (less than 1%, n=1000+)
  • Mild Indigestion  (less than 1% n=1000+)

Contact Us

If you are experiencing any side effects, please contact us us immediately and discontinue use of the pAGG Supplement System.