If you run an internet storefront or a 4-Hour Body Blog, you may be interested in the NewHealth Solution Affiliate System.

The NewHealth Solution Affiliate System is:

  • Easy to set up: Just post a photo, a link, and a comment on your blog and promote the product as you wish
  • Easy to get paid: You earn $12-$34 for each order that is placed that was sourced from your site
  • Easy to track commissions: We use to track¬†commissions¬†which gives you full visibility into what products you are selling and what your commissions are

Free 30 Day Supply of pAGG with Affiliate System

Qualified bloggers that sign up for the Affiliate system and post the affiliate link on their site will receive a free 30 day supply of pAGG.

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If you are looking for a way to Monetize your blog, or add a compelling product to your internet storefront, Please sign up here. we will contact you shortly.