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Together with a best-of-breed supplement laboratory, NewHealth Solutions has created the premier all-in-one pAGG supplement stack on the market today. This pAGG stack meets the exact specifications outlined in the breakout success: #1 New York Times and #1 Amazon best seller, The 4-Hour Body.

What is pAGG?

pAGG is a stimulant-free dietary supplement to support weight-loss. The name pAGG is acronym for the key ingredients that have been combined to create this powerful weigh-management stack all in one tablet (Policosanol, ALA, Garlic, Green Tea). Each of the ingredients in this stack are backed by scientific research supporting their fat-loss and other beneficial properties. To read more about pAGG Research click here.

Will pAGG work for me?

Whether you are an adult male looking to lose 50lbs or a mom of 3 looking to lose 60lbs - pAGG has successfully helped people of all shapes, sex, and occupation achieve their fat-loss goals. We have a growing community of supporters and are always posting new testimonials. To read about real people who have had success with pAGG click pAGG Testimonials.

“Thanks again for a great product that works! You definitely have a believer in me!”

– Heather from Minnesota
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Why Buy from Paggsupplement.com?

Paggsupplement.com is the only place to buy the highest quality, lowest price, money back guarantee, proven pAGG brand on the market. There is no other pAGG solution that stacks up to pAGG by NewHealth Solutions.

  1. Proven Brand. NewHealth Solutions is the only proven pAGG brand. We have testimonials from real people - that you can even email your questions to - that have been on TV, in magazines, write popular blogs, and have changed their lives by losing weight with pAGG.
  2. Quality. We are the only brand that has met the rigorous quality standards required of the leading supplement retailer worldwide, GNC. pAGG by NewHealth Solutions is not an on-line only product.
  3. Price. We offer the lowest price pAGG solution that provides the exact & optimal dosage of critical ingredients, with a price match guarantee. Click to show/hide price comparison
    Source Price (30 days) Comparison
    PaggSupplement.com $60 #1 pAGG Brand on the Market
    ParetoNutrition.com $92 82% more expensive per dose. Similar model and formula. "One Month" supply is really only 26 days. Colored capsules instead of time-released tablets.
    BodyBuilding.com $99 Most expensive dose of a combined pAGG stack.
    Originalpagg.com $54.95 Contains less than half of the daily amounts required for critical ingredients: Garlic (300mg instead of our 800mg daily) and EGCG (405mg instead of our 975mg daily).
  4. Size. We offer the easiest-to-swallow tablet on the market. Click to compare sizes
  5. Money Back Guarantee & Free Product Offer. If you lose weight, we give you free product (up to 2 months) for your testimonial, if you want to share it. If you don't lose weight, we will refund you completely. This is a no-lose scenario exclusively found at Paggsupplement.com

The Truth is that you don't want your money back or your time wasted - you want a product that helps you lose weight. NewHealth Solutions has over 10,000 customers - our clients have appeared on TV, on radio, and in magazines because they have shed much of their body weight. No other pAGG solution can compete with that track record of success.

Craig Did it on NBC!

Craig Lost 77lbs in 12 weeks on NBC TV with pAGG by NewHealth Solutions as his secret weapon, and he is still losing. Craig's goal is to lose 100lbs total. Thank you to everyone that followed and cheered on Craig during his 12 week journey. You can send him a note on our Facebook Page or review his testimonial.

What is in pAGG by NHS?

Each pAGG All Day™ tablet contains:

Each pAGG Night Time™ tablet contains:

  • 25mg Policosanol (the "p" in pAGG)
  • 150mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)
  • 200mg Aged Garlic Extract with high Allicin potential
  • 100mcg Biotin (vitamin B7)

Directions for Use

Take one pAGG All Day™ tablet 15 minutes before each meal (3x per day) and one pAGG Night Time™ tablet before going to sleep (1x per day)

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