pAGG Testimonial: Mike

Mike wants to LoseASkinnyChick (100lbs) this year, and is half way there.

“[pAGG by NewHealth Solutions] It is really great quality, very affordable, and it works” – Mike from

Mike in a Nutshell

I’ve been obese all my life. Part of it’s genetics (which really isn’t an excuse) and another part is bad habits. I’ve tried several diets and none of them ever seemed to work. The majority just have brutal levels of commitment that just aren’t sustainable for a lot of people which is why the majority fail.

Mike’s Analysis

“I’ve seen significantly accelerated fat-loss while supplementing with pAGG by NewHealth Solutions since day 104 of my journey. I know this because I track my fat-loss in pounds and inches daily on my blog, and I’ve analyzed my results before and after using pAGG by NewHealth Solutions.”

Below is a graphical analytic review of Mike’s data which is tracked daily at

 Click to Zoom: 66% Faster Fat-Loss While Taking pAGG

The trending analysis of Mike’s daily fat-loss is a tale of two stories (shown by the blue and orange areas of the timeline).  Prior to taking pAGG by NewHealth Solutions Mike averaged 0.3 lb per day fat-loss over the first 104 days of his weight loss journey.

At day 104 Mike started supplementing with pAGG by NewHealth Solutions: 1 pAGG All Day™ before each meal and 1 pAGG Night Time™ before bed.  From day 104 to current, Mike has been averaging 0.5 lb per day fat loss while maintaining the same diet as prior to day 104.

The data doesn’t lie. Mike has lost 66% more fat per day (0.2 lbs per day more) while taking pAGG.

Note from NewHealth Solutions

Thank you Mike, for allowing us to use your testimonial to inspire others to take on their goals.

pAGG is helping Mike achieve his goal, but Mike is doing most of the work.  Mike is able to correct his course when he faulters because he tracks his weight and waist daily.  His weight measurements and blog demonstrate the most important principle of weight-loss: “What gets measured gets managed” – Peter Drucker.

Please visit Mike’s blog at to speak with Mike and track his progress towards losing 100 lbs in 2011.