Craig’s Blog: Week 5, down 3lbs, 34lbs total

Starting Weight: 306lbs
Weight lost in week 5: 3lbs
Weight after week 5: 272lbs
Pounds left to lose: 43lbs

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Week 5 Update

What a difficult week! Unfortunately Craig and I were only able to meet once this week due to schedule conflicts. This crushed me, but I doubt it had the same effect on Craig…Ha, ha! So unfortunately, no partner training drills, which he really likes and kicks his butt at the same time. Regardless, we did still have a good workout just the same. We continued kicking and punching against resistance with a little more emphasis on delivery and technique. I also had Craig perform weighted step-ups holding a 60lb dumbbell, as well as carrying it up and down our speed track for about 40yrds.

Michelle continued having Craig training with the tools that have been working for the past few weeks. But she has been mixing it up to keep his body guessing and making it if fun and new for him. However, Michelle has started incorporating body-weight exercises. Craig is now working on incline pushups on the steps with the intent to gradually lower them to the point where he can do standard pushups with repetition on his own. Michelle has also combined tricep dips and planks which Craig does pretty well…but will most certainly improve upon.

The worst part about this week though was it seemed just when Craig was going to attend his scheduled workouts on his own…things happened to pop up! Even with that being said, we do still believe that last week’s breakdown…was a breakthrough. This week Craig seemed happier more than overwhelmed. And when we did work, we got the job done…but still…neither Michelle, nor I are too optimistic about weigh-in day!

What are you waiting for?

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