Craig’s Blog: Week 2, down 7lbs, 20lbs total

Starting Weight: 306lbs
Weight lost in week 2: 7lbs
Weight after week 2: 286lbs
Pounds left to lose: 57lbs

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Week 2 Update

Let me first just say that Craig is truly an inspiration for anyone who is overweight and has struggled with self-motivation! It seems that things are starting to click already for Craig and are getting a little easier. We basically stuck to the same program and exercises as we did last week. It is important that Craig learns to do the exercises correctly, and realizes how quickly his body can adapt to them.

We did however increase the intensity a little bit and dialed in on form and functional breathing. This in of itself will help Craig get though the exercises without laboring more than he needs too. Michelle did add one new piece of fun equipment…the BOSU! This generates a bit of instability to Craig’s exercises and forces him to keep his core engaged.

We also spent some time discussing his vocabulary. What I mean by this, is the way he addresses conversations about his training, nutrition and health in general. When first working with Craig, he was negative about the training. He would say things like; “I have to go to the gym”, “I need to make better food choices”. We are working on getting him to say things like; “I want to go to the gym and work out”, “I like being able to choose better foods”. I also noticed while training Craig and asking him if he is ready for the next set, he would tell me; “I guess”, or “I suppose If I have too”. Now you know what…toward the end of the week Craig was asking me if I was ready!

This has been a lot for Craig to take on.  I will share; many times, the littlest things provide the largest results. When Craig finishes the day or an intense set, you just have to run over and give him a GREAT BIG hug…no matter how sweaty he is! Sometimes it is that simple action that helps carry him in to the next exercise…or the next day.

What are you waiting for?

Are you anything like Craig? Have you struggled with achieving your weight loss goals, not knowing if changing the status quo is possible?  Well it is possible.  Craig is real, the weight he is losing is real.  Follow his program and you too can achieve your fitness goals.