pAGG Testimonial: Roderick

pagg testimonial roderick

Roderick polishes his look from dull to sharp, drops +10% body fat

“I have also been dieting and exercising now too but I started 1/2/2012 at 229 lbs and as of today I am at a new low of 204!

Actually I started using the product [pAGG by NewHealth Solutions], SCD, and other tricks from the 4HB in Feb and then I was around 220.

The reason the scale isn’t showing even more progress is this. In Feb I lost 16lbs in 31 days which was straight SCD diet and pAGG. I decided that March I would try a modified version of Occam’s Protocol (I assume you’re familiar with the 4HB given your product) where I would basically use training days as “cheat days” so it would be less strict than regular SCD but less fat gain than OP.

Well the experiment worked, I started the month at 205.8 and as I said I clocked in 204 today but the mirror tells the true story. I have definitely continued to burn fat and build muscle for a noticeable difference… the only downside is I don’t have a quantifiable way to tell the progress I’ve made in March.

That being said, I do have this little tidbit. I got a DEXA scan in jan which said I had 35% body fat and I jumped on a Tanita body fat scale last weekend and it said I was down to 18%!!!!! Even if thats off by 5% that is still a huge gain and I felt good about it.

Oh and one last thing, I got my Dad to join me in this, gave him the book and he went and got all the individual pills… SO MANY, thats why I bought a 4 month supply I am splitting it with him.

Anyway thanks for your help!

Roderick C. from New York”

Note from NewHealth Solutions

Thank you Roderick for letting us use your testimonial to inspire others to take on their goals.

Roderick has taken a 2 phased approach at improving his body composition. Rapid fat-loss (which showed up on the scale) and then fat-loss paired with muscle-gain to drop his body fat percentage. Impressive work, and now he looks sharper than ever.

If you are looking to take on your goals of looking and feeling great and are using a 2 phased approach like Roderick, then what are you waiting for? If Roderick can do it, you can too.

If you have a comment or question for Roderick, submit it to us and we will forward it to him on your behalf.