Taking your Measurements

Track Your Progress

Feel free to print out this page to track your progress over time. ┬áConsider taking these “snapshots” one day per week – for instance – on Monday morning.

Date: __________________
Weight (lbs): __________________
Body-Fat % or Measurement: __________________
Waist (in): __________________
Hips (in): __________________
Chest (in): __________________
Thigh (average in inches): __________________
Calf (average in inches): __________________
Arm (average in inches): __________________

How to Measure

src: livestrong.com

Step 1 – Waist

Wrap the measuring tape around your natural waist area of the torso to take the waist measurement. This point is approximately 2 inches above the hipbone.

Step 2 – Hips

Measure the hip circumference by placing the measure tape right above the pubic bone at hip level. Wrap the tape over gluteus muscle so you are measuring the widest area of the hips.

Step 3 – Chest

Measure the chest by wrapping the measuring tape under the armpits and around to the front of the chest at the widest part. Ask someone to assist you with this measurement so you can keep your arms down against the side of the body for a natural measurement.

Step 4 – Thigh

Wrap the measuring tape around the thigh at the highest point of the muscle. This point is just under the pubic bone. Measure each thigh and record the numbers separately.

Step 5 – Calf

Measure the calf muscle by wrapping the measuring tape around thickest area of the muscle. This is approximately the halfway point from the knee to the ankle. Measure each calf and record the numbers separately.

Step 6 – Arm

Measure the bicep area of the arm by wrapping the measuring tape at the point halfway from the elbow to the armpit. Keep your arm relaxed to get a measurement of the arm in a natural state. Measure each bicep and record the numbers separately

*Try to avoid measuring or weighing every day as small changes typically don’t show up on the scale or the measuring tape. Your body is changing even if you can’t see it yet!