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We are currently sponsoring a few individuals and tracking their progress in this section.  We would like to show the world that with dedication, accountability, and motivation – success is very achievable. Please help cheer on these individuals as they progress towards their weight-loss goals with the 4-Hour Body routine and our pAGG Stack.  You can comment on their posts, encourage them, and share their stories.

Check in weekly to see how they are doing.

Jade K – Wedding Specialist that wants to own some size 6 jeans

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Name: Jade K.
City: Paducah, KY
Start Date:
Start: 222 lb / Current: 184 lb
Weight Lost:
38 lb
Inches Lost: XXX in
Favorite Quote:
“A woman is like a tea bag-you never know how strong she is, until she gets into hot water” – Eleanore Roosevelt
About Me:
I am self employed as a wedding specialist….floral design, rentals, food service, etc
My Goal
I have met my first goal on this program: to be in singe digit clothes.  I am an 8 now, in everything but jeans, which is a 10. My next goal is a Jeans size 6, and a flat stomach. Maybe not a 6 pack, but I would like some ab definition.
I will continue to implement the 4HB diet, along with the “perfect posterier” workout as described in the book. Daily kettleball swings, my ball is 35#. Cold showers at least 3 days weekly.
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Michele K – Life and Wellness Coach looking to lose 45lbs

Starting Photo Current Photo About Me
I just started – coming soon
Name: Michele K.
City: Boston, MA
Start Date:
Start: 195 lb / Current: 184 lb
Weight Lost:
11 lbs in 5 weeks
Inches Lost: 18 in
Favorite Quote:
“In the middle of difficultly, lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein
About Me: I am 48 years old and live in Boston with my boyfriend of 4 years. I have had a life long struggle with weight. Always a roller coaster. I found the 4 hour body through one of the trainers at the gym.  I figured why not. This time around, this journey is my last struggle with being on a roller coaster. It may be slow but its worth every moment of every day. I have had my share of illness and surgeries and my goal is to sustain a happy healthy lifestyle. It is to be fit and free of disease and illness. I am excited and determined and look forward to finding me beneath the body.
My Goal I want to be healthy and fit. I coach people to be the best they can be and I fell off track myself. I am in the process of putting me back together so I can be better for my clients. I also want to live disease and illness free with no medications. Lowering my body fat, losing weight and gaining muscle will help me towards this goal. This is all about a life style change for longevity and vitality. 

My goals are to reach a weight that puts my body fat in the 22-25% range. I figure that equals approximately 45 lbs to lose. I want to be a solid size 8.

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Mike Stenger – Our Partner at

Starting Photo Current Photo About Me
Mike-Before-Profile Mike-4-19-Profile
Name: Mike Stenger
City: Ohio
Start Date:
Start: 317 lb / Current: 277 lb
Weight Lost:
40 lbs
Inches Lost: 8 inches (different measuring method than other individuals)
Favorite Quote:
–coming soon
About Me: I’ve been obese all my life. Part of it’s genetics (which really isn’t an excuse) and another part is bad habits. I’ve tried several diets and none of them ever seemed to work. The majority just have brutal levels of commitment that just isn’t sustainable for a lot of people which is why the mass majority fail.
My Goal To “lose a skinny chick” (100lbs) in 1 year
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